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America has produced some of the most brilliant and innovative people that the world has ever seen. As a result, the American Innovation $1 Program has developed a unique and interchanging idea to honor and respect some individuals!

The American Innovation $1 Program has created a coin series that will respect the innovators belonging to America’s 50 States innovators, including the District of Columbia and the 5 U.S. territories. The concept was that the American Innovation $1 Program would develop a rare coin series.

How will the coin series work?

In short, the idea was to create a coin series with 57 rare designs that rotate reverse designs consistently. The rotation got made so that the collectors could look forward to a different creation of coin designs with each quarterly coin release, making it easier to collect and admire these coins as they are released. So four different designs will be released each year, starting with an initial release of coins in the first year and quarterly releases after that.

The coins will get released so that the States are admitted to the Union, followed by the District of Columbia and the territories. 

What will the coins look like?

As of 2019, each coin’s design has:

An image, or images that represent an emblem of innovation.

These emblems would symbolize the innovators or innovative designs from each State, district, or territory. The Secretary of the Treasury chooses the design subject and design each quarter after consultations with various official parties.

The Reverse Inscription.

The back of each coin gets inscribed with the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” followed shortly by the name of jurisdiction. Each coin should also get engraved with distinctive edge markings, known as edge incused. Each edge-incused should display the date, E PLURIBUS UNUM, and mintmark.

These coins will also boast a proud and draining symbol of the Statue of Liberty extending from the rim of the coin on the side the principal design is displayed. In addition, the coins should get inscribed with the phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST,” as well as a stylized gear symbol to represent the industry of innovation, and each coin has a $1 denomination.

Why should I buy these coins?

The simple truth is that it is rare to come across a unique concept. The American Innovation $1 Program wanted to create something spectacular. The program chose to indulge in a creative process that merged with the pioneering spirit of the U.S. with the patriotism the country proudly supports. The result was creating a collectible coin series and hard to find anywhere else in the world.

It would be wonderful if you bought these coins, not because of a sense of honor or duty, but because they shine a light on the lives of brilliant people who have changed the world. In addition, these coins merit the actions of these outstanding pioneers by honoring their work.

Like the people these coins are honoring, they are not regular and are considered numismatic items that didn’t get made for general circulation. Therefore, each coin is as unique as the individual it honors.