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American Innovation Dollar Design Recommendations For 2023 By The CFA

American Innovation Dollar Design Recommendations For 2023 By The CFA

The American Innovation Coin Program represents classic American characteristics, including exploration, discovery, and the determination to achieve goals. Each proof and uncirculated coin features an innovator or group of innovators. Besides inspiring numismatists, this series can also inspire new interest in American history and coin collecting.

In a recommendation made on May 20, the Commission of Fine Arts recommended a set of proposed designs for the reverse of the 2023 American Innovation dollar coin. These designs reflect innovations that have taken place in Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, and Mississippi.

2023 Louisiana Innovation Dollar

Featuring the Higgins landing craft that turned the tide of WWII, the Louisiana dollar design was created by CFA.

2023 Louisiana Innovation Dollar

A leading innovator and entrepreneur, Andrew Higgins, whose company Higgins Industries was based in New Orleans, was cited in the US Mint’s design narrative. While Higgins was surveying Louisiana’s marshes and swamps, he built his ‘Eureka’ boat that could easily navigate shallow waters. Later, the design was adapted to military specifications and transformed into a landing craft.

In 1938, the US Navy and Marines tested a boat that could change the course of World War II. A ramp located on the front of the vessel allowed soldiers, equipment, and vehicles to be unloaded directly onto a beach via the LCVP (Landing Craft Vehicle and Personnel) boat, or Higgins Boat. In its ability to maneuver in just 10 inches of water and create more attack points on the beach, the Higgins Boat changed the way the First World War was fought and contributed significantly to the outcome of the Normandy landings. In addition, the use of steel was saved by using plywood instead of conventional construction methods. A total of 23,358 LCVPs were constructed during World War II.”

2023 Indiana Innovation Dollar

According to CFA, it is vital to recognize Indiana’s automotive heritage by creating a design that highlights a single-vehicle.

Indiana’s growing interest in racing is reflected in the design with an old-fashioned race car at the starting line. Many automobile improvements were required due to the racing, including the addition of a rearview mirror.”

An additional inscription on top of the design reads AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY.”

2023 Mississippi Innovation Dollar

The CFA states that Mississippi’s reversal design reflects the state’s historical significance as a location of the first human lung transplant. There is a stylized depiction of human lungs under a representation of the Rod of Asclepius.

2023 Mississippi Innovation Dollar

On June 11, 1963, Dr. James Hardy and his collaborators, Watts Webb, Martin Dalton Jr., and George Walker Jr., performed a lung transplant at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC).

It is explained that the patient survived a short period after the transplant but eventually died of renal failure, unrelated to the transplant. Nevertheless, the patient’s achievement was remarkable.

A human lung transplant performed by Dr. Hardy was significant because it showed that technical aspects of such an operation could be successful and that immunotherapy could prevent rejection of the transplant in the long term.

During its May meeting, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee recommended coins for Louisiana, Indiana, and Mississippi that differed from those recommended by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. In the end, the two panels agreed on the design of the Ohio dollar.

2023 Ohio Innovation Dollar

The Ohio dollar is inspired by both groups’ efforts to build the Underground Railroad during the American Civil War.

2023 Ohio Innovation Dollar

The two strong hands shown here are holding each other as the upper arm lifts the lower one, representing the strength and support needed by both parties on the Underground Railroad.”

Several strong hands are pictured here, as the upper arm lifts the lower one, representing the strength and support both parties need to survive.

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