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2020 Massachusetts Innovation Dollar

2020 Massachusetts Innovation Dollar

2020 Massachusetts Telephone - American Innovation Dollar

There are six regular issues in the series, the most recent being the 2020 Massachusetts American Innovation Dollar. This coin commemorates the invention of the telephone. 

Aside from his role as an inventor and scientist, Alexander Graham Bell was also an engineer. In addition to inventing the telephone and co-founding the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T), he contributed numerous other inventions. On the 7th of March, 1876, he received a patent for the telephone. When he turned to Thomas Watson in the next room, he said, “Mr. Watson-Come here-I want to see you.” The words changed communication forever.

Alexander Graham Bell, a Scottish-born scientist, inventor, and engineer, invented and patented the first practical mobile telephone. The American Telephone and Telegraph Company was another company he founded along with AT&T in 1885.

This life’s work was undoubtedly shaped by Bell’s deaf mother and wife, as well as his father, grandfather, and brother, who were all dedicated to the study of elocution and speech. Due to his research on hearing and speech, Bell submitted a patent application on the 7th of March, 1876. However, because Bell considered the telephone an intrusion on his work, he refused to place a telephone in his study. 

American Innovation Dollar Characteristics

A rotary dial telephone can be seen on the reverse of the design. There are digits and numbers on the rotary dial with “Telephone” in the center. Massachusetts, as well as the United States of America, are also inscribed. Eric David Custer and Emily Damstra did the design and sculpting of the reverse. 

2020 Massachusetts Telephone – American Innovation Dollars
Authorizing Legislation: H.R. 770, American Innovation $1 Coin Act
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2020 Massachusetts Innovation Dollar
2020 Massachusetts Innovation Dollar in Business Strike

Dollar Obverse Inscriptions

In God We Trust

Dollar Reverse Inscriptions

United States of America

Incused Edge Inscriptions

Mint Mark
E Pluribus Unum

Mint & Dollar Mint Marks
Denver and Philadelphia in Business Strikes
San Francisco in Proof and Reverse Proof Strikes

Available Dollar Mint Strikes
Business, Proof & Reverse Proof

American Innovation Dollar Specifications

Composition:  88.5% Copper, 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese and 2% Nickel
Weight: 8.1 grams
Thickness: 2.0mm
Edge: Incused Letter
Diameter: 26.49mm

2020 Massachusetts Innovation Dollar
2020 Massachusetts Innovation Dollar in Reverse Proof Strike
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