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2020 Connecticut Innovation Dollar

2020 Connecticut Innovation Dollar

2020 Connecticut Gerber Variable Scale - American Innovation Dollar

There were four mint strikes of the Connecticut American Innovation Dollar in 2020. A Gerber Variable Scale was featured on each coin.

Science needed a clear, quick, and simple method to understand and solve scale problems before the invention of the graphing calculator or even computers in general. Fortunately, the Gerber Variable Scale was created to fill that need. 

Joseph Gerber was a junior engineering student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute when he escaped Nazi persecution in Austria in 1942. Gerber developed the first Gerber Variable Scale by using elastic bands from his pajamas to cope with his increasingly time-consuming and challenging Engineering tasks.

Scales such as this work much like standard rulers. It is possible to stretch the spring coils of the Gerber Variable Scale up to ten inches in length. A logarithmic scale that uses short coil lengths to estimate mathematical distances and solutions can calculate far sizes or complicated measurements.

American Innovation Dollar Characteristics

As shown on the reverse, a drawing of Connecticut is enlarged by 200 percent using the Gerber Variable Scale. Several inscriptions appear, including “United States of America,” “Gerber Variable Scale,” and “Connecticut.” Richard Masters designed the reverse, which Renata Gordon sculpted.

2020 Connecticut Gerber Variable Scale – American Innovation Dollars
Authorizing Legislation: H.R. 770, American Innovation $1 Coin Act
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2020 Connecticut Innovation Dollar
2020 Connecticut Innovation Dollar in Business Strike

Dollar Obverse Inscriptions

In God We Trust

Dollar Reverse Inscriptions

United States of America
Gerber Variable Scale

Incused Edge Inscriptions

Mint Mark
E Pluribus Unum

Mint & Dollar Mint Marks
Denver and Philadelphia in Business Strikes
San Francisco in Proof and Reverse Proof Strikes

Available Dollar Mint Strikes
Business, Proof & Reverse Proof

American Innovation Dollar Specifications

Composition:  88.5% Copper, 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese and 2% Nickel
Weight: 8.1 grams
Thickness: 2.0mm
Edge: Incused Letter
Diameter: 26.49mm

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2019 South Carolina Innovation Dollar in Reverse Proof Strike


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