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2018 Innovation Dollar

2018 Innovation Dollars

2018 Washington First Patent - American Innovation Dollar

Minted in 2018, this coin was intended to introduce a series of coins honoring innovation and innovators. It was the only coin released that year. During the 15 years of this series, there will be four new designs every year.

Samuel Hopkins received the first United States patent on July 31, 1790, when President George Washington granted it. Potash is an ingredient found in fertilizer, and the patent was issued to develop a process to make it.

Samuel Hopkins (1743-1818) received the first patent of the United States from George Washington. It was 119 Arch Street where Hopkins lived. A patent was issued to Hopkins on July 31, 1790, for improvements in the production of potash, a primary industrial chemical. The US Government has given millions of patents over the centuries to protect inventors and their innovations. 

They raised six children in Philadelphia, and Hopkins married Hannah Wilson, Parrish’s sister-in-law. US Census records show Hopkins worked as a potash maker. A City of Philadelphia directory listed him as a “pot-ash manufacturer” and “pot-ash maker” during that time. 

American Innovation Dollar Characteristics

Along with the signature of George Washington, the design features stylized gears to symbolize industry and innovation. Inscriptions on the plate read “United States of America,” “American innovators,” and “First Patent signed.” Designer Donna Weaver and sculptor Renata Gordon created the reverse.

2018 Washington Signed – American Innovation Dollars
Authorizing Legislation: H.R. 770, American Innovation $1 Coin Act
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2018 Innovation Dollars                                                                                  2018 Innovation Dollar Business Strike

Dollar Obverse Inscriptions

In God We Trust

Dollar Reverse Inscriptions

United States of America
American Innovators
Signed First Patent

Incused Edge Inscriptions

Mint Mark
E Pluribus Unum

Mint & Dollar Mint Marks
Denver and Philadelphia in Business Strikes
San Francisco in Proof and Reverse Proof Strikes

Available Dollar Mint Strikes
Business, Proof & Reverse Proof

American Innovation Dollar Specifications

Composition:  88.5% Copper, 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese and 2% Nickel
Weight: 8.1 grams
Thickness: 2.0mm
Edge: Incused Letter
Diameter: 26.49mm

2018 Innovation Dollars                                                                             2018 Innovation Dollars Reverse Proof Strike

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